Painter and designer, I creates imagery of fairies and elves which the birth of my son inspired in me, and which I used for decorating his bedroom.

I decided therefore to share with everyone my enchanting universe through the creation of my collection of bedclothes and decor for children.

If fairytales enchant you, Lutin Lutinette will transform your child's bedroom into a wonderful place of dreams ad colours.

Bed linen, sleeping bags, curtains are printed and embroidered in a small workshop in the southwest of France.

Lutin Lutinette is also a work of the heart. I have elaborated this project with the goal of helping the families of autistic children.

In fact, my four year old son Axel has Asperger's syndrome, a neuro-biological disorder similar to high level autism. I wish to contribute to helping the integration of autistic children.

With this in mind, I has decided to donate the sum of 1 € for each item sold by Lutin Lutinette to the association "Ceresa".


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